Cheryl (she/her) is a demisexual Leather girl who has recently found herself in a bit of an ace space. She tiptoed her way onto the public scene about 20 years ago, where she found other eclectic oddities who seemed to like her okay. The kink world opened new doors that tickled her Sagittarius rising sign pink – and black and blue. Her path is one of mindful service with a lot ‘woo’ and pointy things thrown in. Since the passing of her late owner in 2014, she has been learning how to navigate the kink world on her own as much as her inner introvert will allow. Cheryl is proud to have served as the Arizona slave of 2014, past President of Arizona girls of Leather (AZgoL), and a past Board Member of Phoenix Area Lifestyle Society (PALS). She has volunteered at many events and has led workshops in the US and Canada. She has deeply enjoyed being of service to both the Dance of Souls and Ritual Steel as a Journey Guide, and looks forward to continuing that role here.