Many ancient and current cultures around the world consider trees to be sacred. In these cultures, it is common for people to leave a token of their wish, blessing, prayer, gift of thanks or honor under or on the tree. Often these trees are located near a natural well or spring that is considered to have healing properties. These trees are known by a variety of names – wishing trees, fairy trees, blessing trees, prayer trees, peace trees, holy trees. 

For our Southwest Decadence Tree Of Desires, feel free to take a strip of cloth and use the fabric markers to draw or write your desires/intentions/blessings and tie the cloth to the tree. You can write as many desires as you would like on a single strip of cloth – please take only one. 

The Tree Of Desires will be moved to the Dance of Souls altar on Sunday where the energies from the Dance can combine with those desires. After the event, the desires will be untied and burned in a ceremonial fire off property, sending them out to the Universe. 

Start date/time: 
Friday, July 28, 2023 - 10:00 to 18:30
Saturday, July 29, 2023 - 10:00 to 18:30

Reflection Room