The Reflection Room is a space of serenity within the excitement of the Southwest Decadence weekend. It is an intimate sanctuary to come for quiet contemplation and reflection; a place to pause, to process, to meditate, to recenter. Someone will always be present during open hours  to hold space and share energy, to be a witness, or to offer a consensual hug. It is a place of loving kindness where everyone is welcome.

Feel free to bring a sacred item for the altar, add energy to the salt bowl, write a message for the Tree Of Desires, or participate in other scheduled activities. 

The Reflection Room is available during the following hours: 

Friday 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
Saturday 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 11:00 am


Friday and Saturday

Many ancient and current cultures around the world consider trees to be sacred. In these cultures, it is common for people to leave a token of their wish, blessing, prayer, gift of thanks or honor under or on the tree. Often these trees are located near a natural well or spring that is considered to have healing properties. These trees are known by a variety of names – wishing trees, fairy trees, blessing trees, prayer trees, peace trees, holy trees. 

For our Southwest Decadence Tree Of Desires, feel free to take a strip of cloth and use the fabric markers to draw or write your desires/intentions/blessings and tie the cloth to the tree. You can write as many desires as you would like on a single strip of cloth – please take only one. 

The Tree Of Desires will be moved to the Dance of Souls altar on Sunday where the energies from the Dance can combine with those desires. After the event, the desires will be untied and burned in a ceremonial fire off property, sending them out to the Universe. 


Friday   10:30 am – 11:00 AM

New events bring new rituals. We will open the weekend in the Reflection Room space with a modified Salt Bowl Ritual. Rather than a finite ritual that closes at the end of the circle, this Salt Bowl will be open Friday and Saturday for anyone to engage with before being moved to the altar within the Dance of Souls on Sunday. 

The Salt Bowl is a container of cleansing and protection that is designed to hold your intentions for the weekend. Herbs, oils, and other items from the natural world that hold meaning and emit an energetic frequency are added to the bowl with your hands and combined while putting your intentions into the world via the bowl. The bowl becomes infused with the magic and intentions and energy of everyone who engages with it. 

Because the bowl will be open all weekend, we do request that any additions to the bowl be mild in scent, so oils and other liquids that tend to be heavily scented will not be allowed. Herbs and mild essential oils will be provided for your use, but please feel free to bring your own as well. Please make sure any items you bring are from the natural world – yes, biodegradable glitter is allowed.


Friday  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

In the most basic sense, as we go about our daily lives, we accumulate a lot of etheric crud. Think of times when you've seen something you didn't want to see, experienced a trauma, or been under a lot of stress at work, etc. This crud weighs us down. This crud obscures the light of our spirits, our gifts to the world, our capacity to create and engage in the energetic arts, and our ability to be complete and fulfilled individuals. The Sphere Of Protection aids in cleansing and protecting us from the worst filth each day. Think of it as your energy reserve for the weekend. 

  • An energetic practice for invoking and banishing energy
  • A practice aligning energies
  • A balancing ritual

Space will be limited to no more than 40 individuals so that we can move within the space in comfort and ease.


Master Dennis
aturday  Noon-1:30pm

Explore the differences between tantra and neo-tantra and develop a rapport and connection with your partner. Go to depths that you may not have ever experienced before. Dress comfortably and bring a pillow and/or blankets if you can.

Space will be limited to no more than 40 individuals so that we can move within the space in comfort and ease.


Saturday 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Join in to release, rejoice and recenter with movement, sweat, and blood. 

Space will be limited to no more than 40 individuals so that we can move within the space in comfort and ease. 


For additional information or questions, please send a message through the Contact Us form.