I have a question that is not answered on this website. Who do I contact?

You can contact us for any questions by using the Contact Us form on this website. This helps us keep all Southwest Decadence correspondence in one place. 

Why are you only having armbands and not name badges?

Name badges are expensive and, as a first year event, we’re working with an extremely tight budget. In addition, name badges are labor intensive both in making them and distributing them at registration check-in. Not having a name badge attached to the chest encourages folks to interact on a more personal basis.

I have a piece of Dungeon Equipment that I can loan to the event. Who do I contact?

Please use the Contact Us form on this website and tell us all about it! We’ll forward your information to our Operations Director.

Can I go to the Vendor Area without buying a weekend or day pass?

Unfortunately, the conference center layout is not conducive to letting the general public visit just the Vending Area.

Do you sell Day Passes?

Yes, Day Passes are available to purchase online before July 23rd, 2023. Day Passes are not sold on-site. A Day Pass includes all activities for that day and evening including the specific meal and play parties.  

What do I wear?

For daytime activities it’s fine to dress comfortably. Some people will wear shorts and t-shirts while others might dress in fetish wear during the day. You do you! Most people will dress up a bit more for evening activities such as the Friday Evening Mingle & Meet, the Decadence Follies, and play parties. 

Clothing that completely covers breasts, genitals, and butt cheeks is required in all areas of the hotel except in guest rooms and in the event indoor areas beyond the security curtain. All SM-related tools and toys must be covered in public areas of the hotel and on the public sides of the security curtains.

Is Southwest Decadence a non-profit event?

Southwest Decadence is not currently a registered 501(c) organization, yet. The application process is currently being researched and prepared for this designation. All profits will be used to benefit the event itself, not it’s owner, directors, or staff. 

Is parking free?

The hotel has ample complimentary parking.

Where is Lost-N-Found?

Items found in the conference center should be given to someone on the security team. They will have a box of found items. Items found in the hotel itself should be taken to the hotel front desk.

Can I bring my event/business bar cards and flyers and put them out?

No postcards, flyers, business cards or related materials may be distributed or left on tables without advance permission from the Director using the Contact Us form. Save the trees! Swag Bag stuffer information is available on the Sponsor information page.